cover up

In the past 5 years, I have been involved in a non-cover up.  It was to my undoing.  I have survived and become better for it. But I would have rather not had to deal with the exposure.  I would have liked to have put my pieces back together privately.

Reading from Matthew in the New Testament of the Bible, I was suddenly hit with an interesting issue.  Joseph, the betrothed of Mary, was faced with a pregnancy that wasn’t of his doing.  The Bible says in Matthew 1:19 that Joseph was “a just man”.  That being said, “he didn’t want to make her a public example”.  He wanted to keep this private.

This is completely unlike what our society calls for today.  Today, we look for the dirt and are too happy to spread it around.  The dirtier the better is what we seem to look for. It’s sad how we thrive on exposing the heartaches and mistakes of others.  And it’s just for the fun of it.

I am involved daily in the Christian arena of things.  Not so much publically, but daily in the lives of people in my community. I find the most un-Christlike things happen because of Christians.  They scream out for justice.  The truth must be exposed and be made “right”.  I was exposed in the name of justice and righteousness by self-proclaimed righteous people who “don’t sin”.

But the just Joseph had it right.  Probably why he was picked to be the earthly father of Jesus and Mary’s husband.  He was hand picked by God for those jobs.  And his choice was to cover-up than to take Mary’s situation to the public.

As Christians, if we would aim to be more like Christ and less like the society we live in, we should choose the just path of a cover up.

I was completely wrong in what I did.  Completely.  But the just thing to do was to keep it private and help restore me back to being whole.

Don’t look for the dirt.  Look for a way to keep it covered up and help restore.  It’s the truly just way.  It’s the Christ-like way.


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