I listen to an amazing psychologist on XM radio.  Dr. Laura Schlessinger gives the tough advice our society desperately needs.  She straightens out married couples, gives parents the backbones they need and puts women in their rightful place.  She has written many books that are best sellers.  I have a lot of respect and admiration for her.

I get to listen to her just about every weekday and will let my children listen to her as long as she keeps her mouth clean and the topic doesn’t go too far for their age. I enjoy hearing her talk.  I have even called her once for advice.  She was great.

But ….. she has one thing.  She was talking to a caller the other day and she told the caller to not have hope.  To give up hoping.  She said that “hope is delayed disappointment”.  It struck my heart.  I instantly felt so sad for the doctor.

I completely understand that this caller needed to stop trying to fix a situation that was out of her control.  In context, I know why she said it.  But I heard her say it again one day.  She doesn’t believe in hope.  I know she doesn’t seem to have much faith in God, but in hope as well?

I have had my battles with hope to be honest.  I have placed hope where it shouldn’t be and have been broken hearted.  Completely broken.  I’m still putting pieces of my heart together.  Sometimes, I feel so lost and broken and hopeless.

But ultimately I am not hopeless.  I cannot let go of hope as long as it’s put in the right place.  My hope has anchored my heart to God.  If I lose hope, I get depressed.  If I lose hope, I become listless.  If I lose hope, I am not able to accomplish anything.

I know I have the strength within myself to get only so far.  If I don’t have that hope, I remain the same.  Unchanged.  Unmoved.  Stagnant.  I may receive disappointments because of my hope.  I may be hurt at times.  But hope helps be through those times.

I need hope.  You need hope.  The good doctor needs hope.  I hope she finds the right hope one day.


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