Everyone seems to want the truth.  They want it in the media.  They want the ugly truth to be honest.  It’s wanted in our leaders.  It’s wanted for ourselves.  Or so they say.

The biggest act of wanting the truth has to be a wife asking her husband if she looks fat.  She really isn’t looking for the truth the majority of the time.  She is hoping her husband sees her as beautiful and perfect and says so.  That’s the truth.

I have had people ask me to be honest with them and when I am, they turn against me.  They didn’t want the truth.  They wanted me to hear them out and confirm their feelings or actions.  They are just looking for someone to tell them “yeah, go ahead and be that way.”  Or “do that.  I’m behind you.”  They want confirmation.  Not truth.

Most people cannot handle the truth.  It would mean they have to live in reality.  It would mean they may have to change.  Change is hard.  So, skip the truth and tell me a lie that will make me feel better.  The truth sometimes mean you have to give up on someone or on a dream.  The truth is not always ugly but it’s hardly ever pretty.

The truth will not be nice and may slap you around.  It just may hurt.  But then you can really deal with things and become what you are meant to be.

I honestly want the truth.  From my friends, family and peers, I desire them to be honest with me so I can make things better.  Tell me the truth so I at least have a fighting chance for a change.

The worst is when we lie to ourselves.  I find that most people are not even honest with themselves.  They just keep feeding whatever lie they need to make them feel better instead of digging deep, pushing past the pain and grabbing the truth that will set them free.

Can you handle the truth?  Are you truly willing to try?


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