of value

What is your value? What is your real worth? It is just monetary? Are you completely replaceable? Does anyone else show you how valuable you are?

I have had to deal with this a lot.  Especially lately.  Do I have value or am I just a hard worker trying to keep busy? I believe I have value but it doesn’t get confirmed by others.  Does that mean I am wrong and living in a dream world? I honestly don’t know.

I am not on the hunt for quick compliments.  I don’t want to be pacified with cheap praise.  I want to believe that I have some real value.  I would like to feel valued and valuable.

I was right when I last posted that I would walk out of watching the “Wonder Woman” movie feeling empowered.  It was such a fantastic movie! Women often presume that to feel powerful they have to behave as a man.  That’s just not true.  WW is very feminine and very powerful.  I love it.

I sometimes daydream and put myself in movie like scenarios where I am a heroine or the leading lady. I have decided I want to be WW in real life though.  In my real life I want to the leading, powerful lady whose value is unmeasurable.  I am going to be a lady of action that doesn’t need the credit but gets the job done, whatever that job may be.

Today, I had to clean toilets before I led our church in worship and taught young teens in class.  I am willing to do whatever is needed.  In my personal life, I am willing to put myself out there and accomplish goals that have seemed impossible before.  I want to push myself past the seeable limits.  For my family, I want to be the warrior that fights for them and doesn’t let them get left behind.

We cannot just become valuable sitting on a shelf though.  That’s for limited editions and relics.  I am in the here and now and am not that unique.  But I will increase my value by getting completely connected with the power inside me and pushing myself.  I am of value and soon, I will not need someone to confirm it for me.  I will just know.


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