As a Christian, perfection is the ultimate goal.  But to be honest, it most likely cannot be reached.  There can be moments of perfection, but never a perfect life.  It’s not in our nature.

At lunch today, we were discussing different churches and styles of pastoring.  One church discontinues fellowship with saints when their imperfections, lifestyle errors and blatant sins are exposed.  They are kicked out of the church and the remaining saints are told to not have contact with them.


I thought the purpose of the church was for the perfecting of the saints.  I thought Jesus the Savior died for those that sinned.  I have read that Jesus the Christ fellowshipped with the sinners.  Even took heat for it.  I am pretty sure Jesus, God in flesh didn’t have a very high opinion of those that had all their actions “perfected” yet didn’t care much for people. (Pharisees)

I cannot imagine the purpose for kicking people out of a church.  It certainly doesn’t help them “learn a lesson” and make their ways right again.  I don’t know of any as of yet that have come back to God with that procedure.

It hurts my heart to think of those souls that feel that there is no hope left for them.  How in the world can you honestly keep up such a “perfect” life?  If those that think they have perfected their way of living so much that they can kick away those that haven’t, they have missed a huge issue.  The heartbeat of God.  He came to seek and to save those that were lost.  Not give high-fives to the perfect.  He looks for those dejected and hurting and hopeless.  Not the perfect.

I watched one of the specials on Princess Diana today.  I remember my mother talking about her wedding.  I remember the fascination with her life and work.  I was very pregnant with my first child and remember the horror I felt when it was announced that she had been killed in a car crash almost 20 years ago.  It was just so sad.  Her life was such a mixture of amazing and sad.  The special today ended with a quote from Lady Di. “I have it on very good authority, that the quest for perfection our society demands can leave the individual gasping for breath at every turn.”

How sadly true.  But you would expect it from society.  You would not expect it from the church; a group of people assembled to help in the mission of Jesus.  To seek and to save the lost.


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